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Events[ edit ] Mazu Festival, Every March Central Taiwan celebrates the birth of Mazu, goddess of the sea, with the world's largest religious festival.

Taichung Touch Rugby also competes in island wide tournaments throughout the year.

These are very cute and unique. Their opening hours are They sell long skirts with small floral prints.

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The market runs for about two blocks along Bade Street, and there are also online dating wsj vendors along the side streets off of Bade Street.

The reality is Taiwan operates as an independent country with the support of the United States, its close friend. On the blogs we read, people say their meals are very delicious, so even though it is small and dingy, it is worth a try.

Here there is an open-air swimming pool, old style benches and a foot massage path.

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The Fine Arts museum is a very large and elaborate modern arts museum, featuring rotating visual exhibits. The vendor also adds Taiwanese pickled cabbage to every order for free.

Second Market assigns numbers to all of the vendors. The most unique offering at this shop are the animated statuettes they also make based on your photos.

Parking monitors gives tickets to scooters parked on the main roads. Taichung Tower, located in the Shui Nan Financial District is the tallest building in Taichung with a unique shape of a bamboo. Ji tui fan, for example, costs 70NT.

At this restaurant, you check off what you want on a paper menu and take it to the cashier. It is a really delicious snack. Even though it is free, you are still required to tap your EasyCard upon entry and exit although no amount would be deducted.

The snacks are unique and delicious. A small is serving costs NT and a large is NT.

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Adjacent warehouses have been converted to provide studio space for local and foreign artists, and are frequently open to the public. The fruit vendor is on Xianshang Bei Road to the left of the entrance of the covered market area, and the vegetable vendor is about 25m down Lane on your left. The wall inside is made of wood. Getting more complex, some of the outlines have words such as 'Taiwan' and people's names inside them in either Chinese or English.

The fee is printed on the ticket. A small one costs 40 NT, and a large bag costs 60NT.

A small store with exotic clothes. This uniquely-named little shop sells hand-made and specialty made items including purses, bags, jewelry, stuffed animals and decorative knickknacks. If you have no idea about what you should try, just grab a bunch of stuff and see how you like it. Many people in Taiwan purchase their food daily daily at traditional markets.

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Traditional Markets[ edit ] Traditional markets in Taiwan are aggregations of a variety of different types of vendors. This base was shut down and most American facilities were removed after Nixon established diplomatic relations with Deng Xiaoping of the PRC intaichung city chat former Chairman Mao's death allowed a diplomatic opening of relationships with today's China.

Inside the building, there is a video screen playing a film about the history of radio in Taiwan.

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Some Taichung residents do Tai Chi and other exercises outside the Museum, early in the morning. Winter melon tea is a Taiwanese specialty.

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This place does a lot of business because the food is delicious and cheap. The line opened for the public on July 27, Many people will order this when they visit there. When you order a meal like ji tui fan chicken leg with riceyou have to select three side dishes from the display case.

There is a black menu on the wall. He was a very honorable man and well respected. Wenying Hall, A frequent venue for local art exhibitions and events. This vendor sells Chinese pancakes. Their clothing is popular with young people. They will make one with your name or an image such as the island of Taiwan or an animal shape.

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Also look out for the deep fried oreo store on the main road they also sell deep fried snickers and twix. Traveling by scooter is the most convenient option. They sell many kinds of noodles, soups and a tasty kind of ground pork with rice.

You can also park a scooter on the streets, lanes and alleys. Intermingled with these vendors are other vendors selling a wide variety of items ranging from specialty food items to common household items to clothing and shoes to tools.