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Fishing and hunting also added to their diet. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel. Contact the Passports Office at tel. Traditional dances, music, and religious rites that have survived in the more rural regions are important tourist attractions. In recent years a number of foreign universities have established programs in Antigua Guatemala, and many language institutes also have taken up residence there, resulting in scholarly conventions, bookstores, book fairs, and greater cultural activity.

Semana Santa Holy Weekat Easter, is marked by festivals throughout the country, but many Guatemalans travel to Antigua Guatemala to attend services at its great Baroque cathedral. This agreement, which allows free travel between the countries to all nationals of these signatory nations, creates a single day entry visa for foreign visitors.

NW, Washington, DC tel. A multitude of products, from soaps and boxed cereals and bottled drinks to automobiles, bear foreign brand names. There have been lynchings related to accusations and fears of child kidnapping for adoption or theft of vital organs. If you need a visa or have other questions about Guatemala, you can contact any of the following Guatemalan embassies or consulates: There is no recognition of same-sex marriages in Guatemala.

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Worth it for true love, but not for a quick shag. Medical Requirements -- No shots or inoculations are required to enter Guatemala.

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Those under age 18 and over 65 must apply for a 3-year passport. Most questions are answered in a free pamphlet available at New Zealand consulates and Speed dating locations in london offices: The arts The evidence of Maya culture pervades the country.

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Weekly market days in Indian villages are important social gatherings; one of the best known is the market in Chichicastenango. Daily life and social customs Guatemalans are increasingly exposed to the intrusion of foreign influences upon their way of life. You may be asked to pay a small amount of money to take photographs of both children and adults.

And marriage is expected. Heavily attended fairs and religious festivals are scheduled in every part of Guatemala throughout the year.

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Today, although native crafts involve a variety of forms of expression, they are best represented in colourful handwoven textiles and costumes, unique to each community.

A Western girl with a pretty face would probably be in with a chance with a Mayan man, but would be seen as a guilty secret rather than girlfriend material. Quetzaltenango and San Pedro Atitlan are good places to look.

For an up-to-date, country-by-country listing of passport requirements around the world, go to the "International Travel" tab of the U. Call the Australian Passport Information Service at tel. Canadian children who travel must have their own passport.

The process involves presenting several authenticated documents and photocopies. For Residents of the United Kingdom -- To pick up an application for a standard year passport 5-year passport for children under 16visit your nearest passport office, major post office, or travel agency or contact the United Kingdom Passport Service at tel.

Since the Center for Mesoamerican Research, which is headquartered in Antigua Guatemala, has sponsored interdisciplinary research on Central America.

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If you want to "renew" your Guatemalan visa by exiting the country for 72 hours and then returning on a new tourist visa, it must be to a country not covered in this agreement. Or contact the U. Nevertheless, in local Mayan villages, colourful native attire is still common and varies according to the village and language group.

The art of the colonial period is chiefly represented in the architecture and decor of Roman Catholic churches.

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Outside Guatemala City attitudes are more conservative and same-sex couples should avoid public displays of affection. Guatemalan prisons are overcrowded, violent and unclean. Bring fact-checked results to the top of your browser search. To do so, you must go to the Immigration Office, 6a Av.

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Originally written in hieroglyphics, the story was translated into Spanish in the 16th century and is viewed as one of the most important documents of the pre-Columbian Americas. You can also apply at 1A South Mall, Cork tel.

For Residents of Australia -- You can pick up an application from your local post office or any branch of Passports Australia, but you must schedule an interview at the passport office to present your application materials.

It's possible to extend your tourist visa for an additional 90 days, but the process is slightly tedious. However, if you hold a valid Canadian passport issued before December 11,that bears the name of your child, the passport remains valid for you and your child until it expires. A man should bring flowers and make elaborate declarations of his sentiments, a woman should be coy.

Subscribe to feed Local laws and customs There are severe penalties for drug trafficking years and drug use years. Moreover, these documents will need a lawyer's stamp or a notarization from your embassy. No visa is necessary, but you must have a valid passport.

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Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip. You should ensure that your passport has sufficient validity and a plentiful supply of unused pages before you travel.

Customs officials in Guatemala seldom check arriving tourists' luggage. For more information, call the Australian Customs Service at tel.

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